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Technex, hosted by the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) BHU, stands as a venerable beacon among India's college festivals. Revered as one of the largest and oldest gatherings of its kind, this annual technical extravaganza epitomizes the vibrant spirit of youth . Serving as a distinguished platform for emerging talents across the nation, Technex unfurls a tapestry of skills, seamlessly weaving together the technical and creative prowess of students.
This illustrious festival, meticulously organized by the students of IIT BHU, Varanasi, transcends conventional boundaries with its myriad offerings. From compelling competitions and enlightening workshops to captivating guest lectures and insightful exhibitions, Technex embodies a celebration of innovation and technology . Drawing participants from every corner of the country, it provides a distinctive opportunity for students to not only showcase their abilities but also engage in meaningful networking with peers and industry professionals. Technex emerges as a crucible for personal and professional growth, where students can learn, evolve, and truly excel in their chosen fields


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Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Campus Ambassador Program for Technex, where you'll be an integral part of shaping India's foremost technical and innovation festival. As a Campus Ambassador,you take the reins to lead your college's charge at Technex, spearheading the promotion of this grand event within your institution. This dynamic role is your ticket to honing communication and managerial skills, engaging with a diverse student body. Showcase your leadership prowess by inspiring and motivating your peers to actively participate, all while gaining hands-on experience in event planning through workshops and events. As the face of Technex in your college, you'll be a source of information, motivation, and a vital connector. Seize this incredible opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, playing a pivotal role in fostering technology and innovation at your college, and emerge as a leader and influencer in your college's journey towards Technex.


Eleen Verma

"  My journey as a Campus Ambassador for TECHNEX'23 at IIT BHU was not only incredible but also instrumental in my personal and professional growth. This experience holds a special place in my heart, and I am grateful for the opportunity. Stay TECHNEXED!  "

Neha Upadhyay

"  As the CA for TECHNEX'23, I honed my persuasive skills, and the remarkable support from the Technex team was truly commendable. In essence, Technex is both enjoyable and enlightening. Stay TECHNEXED!  "

Shakti Nandan

"  Proudly serving as a Campus Ambassador for TECHNEX'23 in the vibrant and culturally rich campus of IIT BHU has been a highly enriching experience. Grateful to the TECHNEX team for providing such a valuable opportunity. Stay TECHNEXED!  "

Manish Gupta

"  As a Campus Ambassador for TECHNEX, IIT BHU, the experience has been nothing short of wonderful. Representing my college at this prestigious technical fest has been a privilege. Stay TECHNEXED!  "

Krishna Raj

"  An exceptionally delightful experience, spanning from the culinary diversity to meticulous security arrangements. The organisers demonstrated an unwavering commitment, surpassing expectations to craft a truly memorable event for all attendees. Stay TECHNEXED!  "

Umesh Verma

"  Serving as a Campus Ambassador for TECHNEX'23 was a transformative experience, offering opportunities to engage with prospective students, represent my university, and share valuable insights about campus life. Stay TECHNEXED!  "